How to preserve nature

Bottles do the most harm to the environment because they often end up as litter in nature and take hundreds of years to decompose. With such a solution, where people receive rewards for recycling, a lot could be achieved.

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What does the app do?

What does the app do?

The app inside the trash bin makes a QR code and shows it on a screen. When someone throws away their trash, they scan this QR code with their phone to earn points. Then, on their phone, they can see a list of places where they can use these points at our partner stores.





Transforming Waste into Sustainable Actions

Today, we are facing increasing challenges related to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. Waste, especially plastic bottles, represents a significant ecological problem. In order to promote positive changes and raise awareness among users about the importance of recycling, we have developed an innovative mobile application called "EcoPoints." This application rewards users for every bottle they recycle, providing them with points that they can use for various sustainable actions. Below, we will explore why this application is beneficial and how it will continue to motivate people to make positive changes.

Why is 'EcoPoints' useful?

Promoting Recycling

The "EcoPoints" app plays a crucial role in promoting recycling

Ecology Education

It also provides users with educational resources on ecology, recycling, and the significance of sustainable habits.

Promoting Sustainable Habits

Users can earn points not only by recycling but also by making sustainable decisions such as reducing plastic consumption.

Do you recycle plastic?